About Us

Highbridge Medical Centre is located within the town of Highbridge in North Somerset and supports a patient list of just over 12,000 patients.

Highbridge Medical Centre joined Symphony Healthcare Services in April 2017 and the medical centre offers a wide range of healthcare services, provided by a multi-disciplinary team including GPs, Enhanced Care Paramedics, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Nurses.

Our Staff

Clinical Lead

Adam Willis, Enhanced Care Practitioner


Dr Sharath Jaiprakash

Dr Richard Barry

Dr Emily Currie

Dr Christine Kabera

Dr Alexandra Kaiser

Dr Kate Lewis

Dr Liz Stallworthy

Nurse Practitioners

Thelma Hanyana

Tara Thorne

Practice Nurses

Naeneh Mansfield

Jane Ash

Donna Matthews

Ria Moran

Practice Management

Naomi Coniam, Practice Manager

Sally Cowie, Deputy Practice Manager


Healthcare Assistants




Prescription Clerks


Administration & Reception

Deborah, Tara, Pauline, Susan, Rachel, Aisha, Cheryl, Laura, Charlotte, Margaret, Catherine, Trudie, Charlotte, Sharon, Alison, Samantha, Judith, Constance & Jenneth